$3.00 Thursday

Is there a better way to come back from a 5 day road trip than to host the Medford Rogues on a $3 Thursday in 80 degree weather.  We don't think so!  Everything is $3, tickets, concession items and beverages, even at our Klamath Basin Brewery draft bar..

Go Gems!!!




Friends and family discounts offered at the


Cerulean hotel in downtown Klamath Falls is the official hotel of the Gems.  When you come to town looking for a place to stay call the Cerulean and let them know you're here to watch the Gems.  Call 541.882.4666 for reservations.  




upcoming games for the Gems

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June 15th at 7:05

College of Alemeda

moved to June 16th


June 16th at 4:05

College of Alameda

game 2 immediately following



June 17th at 4:05

College of Alameda

Gems-WebfrontLogo1 (1).png

June 19th at 6:35

Harry and David Field


June 20th at 6:35

Harry and David Field